Restaurant Quality Beef Burgers

What is the point of paying for fancy burger when you can make YOUR OWN version at home for a quarter of the price.

Why I haven’t I made this yet? It was so simple yet the kids thought it was incredible, even saying “we don’t ever need to go to a restaurant again”. Winning.

There is a definite trick to creating such an amazing burger and it comes down to the ingredients used. You can’t just use a regular supermarket patty or a hamburger bun, you have to use a quality meat patty (the ones I used were from Waitrose) and the main component which sets it apart, a Brioche Bun. I also used a good quality cheese and bacon. I finished the burger off with avocado and it looked professional.


Another trick is the way in which everything is cooked. I first cooked the bacon, trimming off 90% of the fat and cooked in butter. I then cooked the patty in the bacon juice making sure it was a medium/ rare. I then topped them with the cheese and let it melt into the patty, getting crispy around the side. After taking it off I then placed the Brioche Bun in the pan with all the juices and it soaked all those amazing flavours up.

You can really add anything you like on it. If I was making it for me I would of added caramelised onion, mushrooms and an egg. For the kids though this was perfection.

Restaurant Quality Beef Burgers 
serves two

8 Rashers Bacon
2 Beef Quarter Pounders (high quality beef, these were from Waitrose)
2 Slices Cheese (I used Monterey Jack)
2 Brioche Buns
1 Avocado

Place a knob of butter in a frypan along with bacon, cook until crispy. Removing to absorbent paper.

Place quarter pounders in the same pan cooking on each side for 3 – 4 minutes.

Place cheese on quarter pounders and let melt. Remove from pan.

Place Brioche Bans in pan and let absorb all the juices by moving around pan.

Once the bun has crisped cover in avocado.

Assemble burger.


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